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                The wait is over! New episode is on line YooperCast13 enjoy! I messed up on the intro, and called it YoopCast 12, oh well, it was live
                to disk.

                *** Please, Please note, this is not the main feed. This is the alternative feed, more controversial songs, and UNEDITED. Some lyrics
                may be offensive to sensitive listeners on one or two of these songs. Episodes that might fit this category are rate "R". The main feed
                (VirtualYooper) is always family friendly.

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                Michael the Virtual Yooper

                                                Non traditional Christmas songs for 12/12/12...
                                                Because you have not lived until you hear a band do an ACDC tribute signing a Christmas song...

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                YC11-25Dec2008.mp3        Rated "R"!
Christmas with an edge. NSFW, not suitable for young ears. Songs to make you think, some for
                                                pure entertainment. Enjoy! I will be returning to the regular format next show. Winner of most negative
                                                comments for an episode yet! Yeeesh, see the disclaimer above. This show was a comment about the
                                                worlds view of Christmas.

                                                The Bitmap - A Politically Correct Christmas Carol
                                                Al Stravinsky - Away, be a stranger
                                                Coli Brice - Christmas Blues
                                                Wiser Time - Blue Christmas
                                                Al Stravinsky - One Christmas
                                                Winzinried a.k.a. Hollywood Drunks - Do You Hear What I Hear?
                                                Al Stravinsky - The Snowman
                                                Jonathan Coulton - Podsafe Christmas

Non traditional mix of Christmas songs. Many of my friends are in very tough times this year. This is a mix
                                                put together for reflection and prayer. Traditional Virtual Yooper Christmas mixes to follow...
                                                Best wishes at this Blessed time of year.
                                                Gary Sunblad - O Come All Ye Faithful
                                                George Fletcher's Bourbon Review / The Tequila Mockingbirds
                                                Upon This Manger
                                                Gary Sunblad - The Unaccepted Gift
                                                Darrell Smith - There's a Light - O Come,  All Ye Faithful
                                                James Casto - Peace on Earth
Flatland Music Group - Lost Holiday
                                                Pictures from this episode

Writer's Block.  Yes, it's been forever since I have put out a YooperCast. Remember to keep checking the
                                                main feed, www.virtualyooper.com. That will be the show that is updated more often. This show was
                                                recorded from our farm down in WI. Just stopping by to relist with a new realtor. Know anyone looking for

                                                a resonable horse farm in east central WI? Next shows will be Christmas Virtual Yooper feeds. See
                                                ya soon!
                                                Jeremy Rowe - A Breath of Fresh Air
                                                Sligo Rags - The Wiskey Never Lies
                                                Jack Erdie - You Can't Get There From Here
                                                The Clintons - All right Tonight
                                                Kelly Richey - Jericho Road
                                                Monkey Shine - Back Porch
                                                Pictures from this Episode

Virtual YooperCast. Yes, I'm trying to update two shows at once. Have been very busy with Paramedic
                                                school, working, and my family. Please hang in there, I'm not giving up! In audio plus, Lake Superior
                                                water level coming back up, and a "funny" thing happened on the way to the races...
                                                Rako KRB - Better Daze
                                                Ann Wilson - Immigrant Song
                                                Melanie Lewis - Revelation
                                                Holly Woods - Live It Up!
                                                Blake Morgan - Maybe I'm Amazed
                                                Brobdingnagian Bards - Jedi Drinking Song Prequel - Live
                                                Matthew Ebel - Lost My Way
                                                Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand - Banjo Boy
                                                Robert Lund - 50 Ways To Lose Your Luggage
                                                Monkey Shine - Back Porch
                                                Pictures From This Episode

Episode YC-7 Midnight Pizza, the PG version.
                                                Rockin Podsafe sounds of summer. And yes, it is at least PG! Many thanks to JTX and Mojo Perry for
                                                giving permission to play their music. Find them on the links below! Enjoy the virtual concert on top of
                                                Brockway Mountain.
                                                JTX - Party Like a Rock Star
                                                Blackbird Crow Raven - Am Radio
                                                Lifted Culture - Something 2 Say
                                                Danko Jones - First Date
                                                Moterey International Pop Festival - Buffalo Springfield
                                                Ken Tucker and James Swafford - Black and Tan
                                                Danny Weis - Gunslinger
                                                Mojo Perry - Underwhere
                                                Monkeyshine - Back Porch

Episode YC-6 Is it Spring Yet?
                                                Well, I almost have the audio levels fixed after VY26, but I can still hear the mic peaking out. Should be
                                                fixed by next show. Hope to record the next show from the Keweenaw, but for now, I'll settle for a Saturday
                                                night at the farm in Wisconsin.
                                                Voice Mail from Radio QRM
                                                Kevin Reeves and Ian Baird - Redemption
                                                The Undercover Hippy - Money Money Money
                                                Jimmie Bratcher - Beautiful People
                                                Bloc Party - Selfish Son
                                                The Young Punx - Rockall
                                                Bobby Chitwood - Women Ain't So Hard To Understand
                                                Possible Oscar - Dead Nintendo
                                                The Lascivious Biddies - MS Walk Promo
                                                Monkeyshine - Back Porch

                                                Episode YC-5 Rated R due to some song content!
There are some lyrics and content in this episode that I do not consider appropriate for young listeners,
                                                or for listening to openly at work. Although the reasons I have flagged this are minor compared to other
                                                podcasts out there, I do not want anyone to be caught unaware. The Virtual Yooper episodes will always
                                                be family friendly, and so will most of the Yoopercasts, but I do reserve the creative freedom to put good
                                                content up on Yoopercast without censoring. This is why I have a separate RSS feed for the Yoopercast
                                                episodes. Now enough of the heavy stuff - enjoy! (In private if you must :-)
Jonathan Coulton - Code Monkey
                                                                Lee Coulter - Love in a Bottle
                                                                WWIII - Take Off Your T Shirt ...
                                                                Munk - Podpeople
                                                                Lifted Culture - We Rock
                                                                The Cool Waters Band - No Use Denying
                                                                Black Lab - Broken Heart
                                                                Derek K Miller - Tell Me About Gnomedex
                                                                Monkeyshine - Back Porch

                                                Episode YC-4 Rated G
                YC4-02June2006                Memorial Day Music Mix
                                                                Baba Ganoush - Josh Woodward
                                                                Strange Day in Mexico - The Clintons
                                                                2 Car Garage - The Cool Waters Band
                                                                Afraid and Alone - Kevin Reeves
                                                                Betty - Lascivious Biddies
                                                                Sally Went Down - Mathiew Ebel

                                                Episode YC-2 Rated G
                YC2-15May2006                College Final / National Registry - Coffee Music Compilation Study Episode
                                                                Intro - Derek Miller (Penmachine.com)
                                                                Coffee Shop - Smallfish
                                                                Black Coffee - Chaz
                                                                Coffee Man - Calvin Owens
                                                                Stress - Jim's Big Ego
                                                                Bach Porch - Monkeyshine

                                                Episode YC-1 Rated G
                YC1-6May2006                 Weekend music compilation - selections that did not fit into normal show format
                                                                Intro - Derek Miller (Penmachine.com)
                                                                Quit My Day Job - Geoff Smith
                                                                OS X on a Dell _ Oland
                                                                On a Podcast (clean mix) - Cruisebox
                                                                People - Natives of the New Dawn
                                                                Comcast Blues - Derek Miller
                                                                Back Porch - Monkeyshine